Areas of Practice.

Property Acquisition 101

We can proudly say that during the past few years we have overseen everything from large-density condominium building projects to large projects in highly sensitive ecological areas. This experience has been recognized by Stewart Title, which awarded NCC Law with the 2004, 2005 and 2006 award for Star Attorney member of the year.

Awarded by Chicago Title as one of the 10 Real Estate Law Firms in Costa Rica to do business with in 2007-2008. During this process, we have demonstrated that only through rigorous due diligence activities performed by our expert team, can we fulfill our investors' expectations of successful transactions.

Corporate Law

We assist corporate clients with their day-to-day operations in Costa Rica. With a win-win mentality and by taking the mystery out of doing business in Costa Rica, our success is our client's success. We advise our corporate clients under the belief that the adequate drafting of contracts and agreements prevents all parties from having to resort to litigation and disputes.

By having clients involved in a wide range of activities, such as transportation, pharmaceuticals, retail supply, construction, marketing, asset leasing and sales, among others, we have acquired a better understanding of how different markets work and how our efforts can contribute to our clients' success.


Even though we understand that litigation is a last resort, we have ample experience and skills in handling civil and commercial causes, as well as other types of judicial matters. At the same time, our agenda is to use alternative dispute resolution mechanisms to achieve a successful outcome.


For individuals and families, there are four basic types of legal Costa Rican Residency (additionally, there are other, more specific types):

  • Family relationship to a Costa Rican
  • Pensioner -- must show evidence of a monthly pension of $1,000 or more
  • Rentista -- must show evidence of a permanent monthly income from a source outside Costa Rica of $2,500 or more
  • Investor -- must invest $200,000 in an approved sector of the Costa Rican economy

Required Documentation (all documents must be translated into Spanish by an official translator)

  • Application Letter authenticated by a Lawyer.
  • Power of attorney to the Lawyer (recommended).
  • Digital fingerprints taken by the Ministry of Public Security.
  • Certified copies of all pages of current passport.
  • Proof of registration with the United States Embassy (Costa Rican Immigration will only accept a notarized verification of registration, for which there is a notarial fee of $50).
  • Proof of registration with the Costa Rican Social Security system (CCSS)
  • Three recent passport-size photos
  • Birth certificate
  • Criminal records certificate
  • Certification fees
  • Bank receipt for application fee
  • Bank receipt for change of immigration category fee

We can also get the documents apostilled or legalized for our clients, depending on the jurisdiction (namely, whether the applicant's country of origin has approved the Hague Convention for Apostille of documents).

Please contact us for questions regarding citizenship, work permits, and others.

Mortgage Brokerage and Financing

Our firm has structured large financial operations, defining not only the best legal mechanism to provide borrowers with the funds they need, but also the best collateral mechanisms to secure the creditor's interests. We have extensive experience dealing with banking institutions and private investors.

Criminal Law

We understand that being part of a criminal case, either as victim or defendant, is something that nobody wants. We can proudly say that our firm has years of experience in criminal courts and this guarantees that our clients' interests are protected. Our ethics guide the cases we accept, so under no circumstances will our firm represent defendants accused in cases considered offensive to moral values. For instance, we do not represent defendants in cases involving drugs or child abuse.


We are consultants who provide our clients with useful and necessary advisory tools to facilitate closing a successful business contract, without litigation and with profits for both parties, and developing documents that contemplate and regulate those determinant aspects of both execution and potential disputes, thus generating security in our clients' investments.

In Costa Rica, the principle of freedom of contract must be confronted with social rights (such as labor, environmental, tenancy, and consumer rights, among others). We offer our expertise to incorporate into contract development, alternative clauses and stipulations that protect the service, business or patrimony subject of the contract. We offer our experience in areas including civil, commercial, administrative, tenancy, real estate and labor.

We protect our clients by considering relevant stipulations regarding the term, payment, confidentiality, arbitration, assignments, penalties, infringement, and intellectual property, designed to build confidence in a contract and its implementation, and thus resulting in a satisfactory contribution for their needs.