About this site.

The intent of this web site is to present to our current and potential clients a specialized and custom-made service in legal topics, becoming an interactive opinion exchange channel.

NCC Law has a legal practice in Costa Rica, with offices in Guanacaste and in San José, in this second city is where the main office is located, at the Advance Legal Law Firm office. From there, as from the office in Guiones (Guanacaste), we are committed to serve the needs of our clients.

NCC Law web site aims to be a personal connection with each of our clients, in addition to my entailment as a member of the Advanced Legal Law Firm.

Here I want to have the opportunity to write about current topics related with Real State Law and Criminal Law in general, my areas of specialization. And with the invaluable assistance of my team, as well as with the synergies with my partners inside the firm and with other strategic legal partners, is how I want to address the investments and relationship with third parties needs of clients in a creative and effective manner, with both preventive and reactive actions.

Our Experience.

  • Senior Attorneys with extensive expertise.
  • First-level negotiation policy as an alternative to litigation.
  • Members of the Star Network Alliance since 2004, with awards granted in 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2008 as attorneys who successfully conducted the most real estate transactions in the country.
  • Recognized by Chicago Title as one of the top 25 law firms in the country.
  • Led multidisciplinary teams that resulted in closing, among other transactions, high-density real estate projects located in ecologically sensitive areas, with strict adherence to local regulations and meeting the recommendations of the highest international standards.
  • We are an important support for our corporate clients.

Commitment to Our Clients.

  • To identify ourselves with their needs and surprise them with our results.
  • To exceed expectations.
  • To achieve cost-time effectiveness.
  • To recognize in them the spirit that nurtures entrepreneurship.


During Inspiration, we promote initiatives that support entrepreneurship and explore the experience of starting a company, to benefit those who haven't done this before. For us, there is no "small client."

The importance of entrepreneurs and small businesses has been a central theme in discussions of national recovery. On the local level, city leaders understand first-hand the importance of entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Entrepreneurs and small businesses:

  • Create new jobs and employ local residents.
  • Play a pivotal role in creating a unique sense of place that enhances a community's quality of life.
  • Homegrown businesses may have deeper roots than those gained through attraction strategies.
"I dream my painting and I paint my dream". - Vincent van Gogh

Let NCC LAW walk with you.